The name is Kornelius, While I go by Kings Eyes online. I was born in the glorious year of 1993, and I am the Founder of Sigil Arts. I find that the greatest lessons I learn in life comes from my failures as a human being, I meet people where they are, I accept everyone, and I listen more than I speak. I'm an advocate of mental health, and a confidant of strangers and family alike. I believe the greatest pleasure I have in life comes from making sure that the people around me are doing well and feel safe, sound and happy in my presence. Core values that bleed over on every aspect of my life and my creative work.


They call me Diego from Las Vegas, but I go by EdoNinja to the general public. I hold the titles of Chief Operations Officer of Sigil Arts & Art Director of Ultimate Gamer. I’ve been a content creator since 2013 and also a Graphic Designer/VFX Editor since 2014. I still do twitch streaming, however I quit YouTube since 2019 to take on the world of podcasting due to platform changes and it became the way to create my content better altogether. I like to be very meticulous of putting my projects together and everything that comes together into a package per se. I love anime that has deep lore & video games that follow into the category of JRPGS, fighting, adventure, & mystery puzzles, hence the creation of StormConnect.


Host of You have Failed & And Finally Podcasts. I am, and always will be the King of the Failures, Master of the screw-ups and Overlord of the fuck-ups. And that's something that by embracing I have turned into content across a whole range of platform. So I implore everyone, embrace your inner failure and have some fun.


Co-Host of StormConnect Podcast w/ EdoNinja. Widely known for video editing for Smash figures like Tweek, Riddles, and Smash University. Usually does very laid-back, casual streams to talk about (or play games of) Nintendo related content, Spider-Man, or MCU.


Sup, I'm Sebastian (Host of Mutual Leeching w/ Joshu), but you can call me Sebi for short, and I'm 19 with a huge passion for competitive gaming & fingerstyle guitar. I am a Twitch Partner that streams a lot of Valorant and IRL adventures. I'm also currently majoring in Aerospace Engineering at USC.



Video Editor for Sigil Arts Media & Co-Host of the live podcast Mutual Leeching w/ LongSeb. I am currently majoring in Computer Science & Film in Chicago. I enjoy causing a ruckus as an aspiring content creator & telling. And I'm white lmfao.


I am a graphic designer who specializes in Branding and Advertising! My work consists of getting to know the brand and implementing that into the design.


Host of Pharaoh of the Opera. Big simp for Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Loves anime