He-Man and the Masters of False Advertising

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 4000 LIFETIME LISTENS! To celebrate i’m back with a pre re-launch episode discussing the new Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Was it good, was it bad, was He-Man even in the show??? All that and more as the King of Failures makes his less than triumphant return!

Dinosaur King… Kinda

I’m back, I know, I know, none of you missed me. But that’s fine because I am back with another episode talking, kinda, about Dinosaur King… I have been busy as of late with life things so this one is shorter than usual, but hopefully soon I will have things sorted and we can return […]

Attack On Titan Mid Season Finale

Season 4 part 1 comes to a close in the most epic of ways. A season that saw Eren declare war on the rest of the world finally see’s the world bring the fight to him. But Eren has never been easy to put down and his primal desire to never sacrifice his freedom makes […]

Attack on Titan; Beauty in Darkness

In today’s episode I take on the titanic task of talking through my thoughts and feelings on Attack on Titan and the journey it has taken us all on. From the fall of wall Maria to the imminent rumbling we have been taken on one hell of a ride. But that ride also taught you […]

Is Eren Still Attack On Titans Hero?

Eren has done some terrible things and has become the final villain of Attack On Titan. But is he really the villain or a hero disguising himself as the devil? In today discussion I break down scenes in the anime and manga that might suggest that Eren is actually going against his own ideals to […]

Attack on Titan’s Greatest Leader

Sorry i’m a day late, was busy fighting off titans and breaking Eren out of jail… Anyway i’m back! With more Attack on Titan this week I take a dive into the best fictional leader of all time; Commander Erwin Smith. What makes him such a good leader, and what made him able to lead […]

Attack on Titan’s End Draws Near

This week I discuss the most recent episode and come to terms with Eren’s breakdown really causing him to become something he isn’t. I also take a dive into some of my thoughts on the potential end of the series as I let my mind run free on the possibilities in front of me.

Just Chatting With Martina, 2 Years of Apex

Well we were meant to talk about Apex, and for only 40 mins, but time flies when you’re having fun and you always go off topic when laughing with a friend. So why not sit down and relax while me and the incredible Martina chat about literally anything and everything for an hour and 20 […]

Captain Levi, The Ultimate Bad-ass

So a new week and once again i’m swinging at you at full speed with my ODM gear to bring you some Attack on Titan goodness. This week, as promised, I spend a lot of time talking about the captain every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. Yes, Levi Ackerman, […]

Attack On Titan is Perfect

I have never fallen for a show quite like Attack on Titan, from its characters to its incredibly nuanced plot you can not help but be gripped by the world. So join me as we give our hearts and souls to the cause and discuss Attack on Titan and potentially its most unappreciated character; Eren […]