Levi vs Zeke: Proof Levi is Popular With the Ladies

One of these individuals I love more than life itself, the other……I freaking hate….. Their rivialry is intense which fits the final season, though has bought great humour to this season and I can’t help but enjoy it. Still want you dead Zeke

EREN YAEGAR… I’m sorry

Sometimes mistakes are made, people are misjudged and misunderstood. It is only when you begin to understand them that you realise you were wrong about them. They were not an annoying screaming kid but a passionate and broken child. Eren, I have misjudged you and misunderstood you ans for that here is my apology

LOVE NEVER DIES: Phantom Sequel Discussion

Love never dies is the sequel to the hit musical, the phantom of the opera, but it didn’t come without its controversies. This week join me as discussion this show, the good, the bad and why it never went onto Broadway and whether that should change.

AMENHOTEP III: Egypts Golden Pharaoh

Amenhotep was the Pharaoh of Egypt’s golden age, the New Kingdom. He reigned from 1390- 1354 BC, during that time Egypt prospered in wealth and architecture. Join me as we dicuss how Egypt’s most peaceful Pharaohs became their most successful.

Attack On Titan confession

Some of the greatest loves in life were the unexpected ones. The one’s you never saw coming or never imagined falling for . This was the case for me when I was recommended Attack on Titan and it ruined myl life. As this is a safe space I can now confess my love for… Levi […]

Phantom of the Opera

The phantom of the opera is here inside your mind… at least it will be after this episode. Which will discuss the phenomenon that is the stage sensation, the Phantom of Opera and my favourite portrayals and why I love it. From your Opera Pharaoh and angel… oh and whatever you do leave box 5 […]


In this debut episode of “The Pharaoh of the Operah” i discuss Cleopatra the 7th, and why in my opinion she is one of, if not the best ruler that Egypt ever had!