The Controversy of Smash Editing

Overediting is a term that is casually thrown left and right among in the Smash Community towards to video editors of all sorts that are involved in the scene. It has led to many certain confusions about this form of content which unfortunately, it’s been placed under a strong negative light. EdoNinja & Crunch, who […]

Do Not Fall…

RWBY Volume 8 Chapters 12 & 13 were in a way parallels to each other which is why the reviews are grouped up together for this podcast episode. Enjoy listening to the on-edge Edo that fears for the finale of this volume and the series itself. It’s not RWBY if you’re not on edge a […]

The risks may have been worth it

We only have a couple chapters remaining of RWBY Volume 8 and since Volume 6, they introduced certain depths that just did not make any sense or just happened to be questionable, people grew very concerned of what path CRWBY made for the story and the characters. The consistencies of those concerns grew rapidly in […]

Power & Savagery 🤭

RWBY Volume 8 produced a couple more chapters after their midseason hiatus comeback, there were drastic differences from their first return chapter. “Oh it’ll be fine!”“They haven’t been around other people anyway!”“I think you’re too hardcore about this lockdown”“I hate getting tested so much”“One of us has to go out and see what it’s like […]

Who let the Hound out?

RWBY Vol. 8 finally returns from its lengthy midseason hiatus starting off with the main characters at the Schnee Mansion. The hideout was bound to be exposed eventually and suddenly, it turned into a cute horror movie chapter.

It’s time, finally! The show begins!

A Remnant Rewind overdue episode, I hop back on to talk about RWBY Volume 8 Chapters 6 and 7 for a refresh on what we could expect for when RWBY airs back on this Saturday after their lengthy midseason hiatus!

From Worst to Best Treatment of Smash!?

One of the legendary Final Fantasy antagonists, Sephiroth, being dropped for Smash Ultimate deserved another podcast episode for it for our review, the presentation from Sakurai, the marketing strategy of Sephiroth, Mii Costumes, and of course… the game itself.

Get it together Nintendo

After a long week of nothing but bad news, Crunch brings nothing but heat to the table to talk about the recent, yet evil, acts committed by everyone’s favorite family friendly company, Nintendo. 

A Shocking Touching Reunion

Just in the nick of time, Nintendo reveals a new character for Smash: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. Despite the recent news about Nintendo, Edo and Crunch talk about the hype trailer he got, his moveset, expectations for patch 10.0.0, and much more.

Picking them off One by One

We are now 3 chapters in of RWBY Volume 8 and we are already receiving such early signs of the death cast and how much in favor Salem has here in the war. What is even worse is that there are people that are being put out of commission so quickly. Due to last week’s […]