Ep19.5- The Doctor, A Real Hero?

The Doctor isn’t a hero in his own mind, this is because he is just a regular guy going around and helping out where he can. But, is that it? Is that the big secret to Doctor Who? Could anyone be the Doctor? Join me in this rather different episode of You Have Failed Some […]

Ep13.5- Millie Is That Boleyn Girl

Sorry, not sorry, ’bout what I said. Battle of the US vs. UK, Boleyn vs. Boleyn. Millie O’Connell being my favourite performer on stage at the moment may have a bias, but she earned that from the immediate impression she made on me when I first saw her performance of Six. She stood out, and […]

Ep11.5- I love Kaiba, and probably need therapy

In this weeks bonus episode, I discuss how much I love Seto Kaiba and probably get carried away whilst doing so. A whole 40 mins of my fan boying over this amazing anime rival, what could possibly go wrong?

Ep9.5- I Still Really Miss The Clone Wars

I’m back, but with something a bit different, welcome to You Have Failed Some More with SaiyanVader. I still had more to say on the Clone Wars so here I am giving another 40 mins of pure love to Star Wars The Clone Wars.