Holiday notes from Kings Eyes

“Merry Christmas to one and all readers, viewers and listeners of Sigil Arts content! What a year its been. The situation in the world is one thing, where you believe finally we will see the end of this pandemic, and then a new wrinkle presents itself to the puzzle and on we go with more of the same dialogue and vitriol we have seen in large part since early 2020.

Whats really fascinating though, is that despite a lot of hiatuses, a relocation to a new domain, the late changes to the organization and all, Sigil has had an incredible year by all metrics i have available. And i have every minutia of stats available to me.

We more than doubled our listener base on the network, the new has been touted to me personally in business meetings as a wonderful platform and a correct step for an organization such as mine, the shop has been absolutely incredible, and has far and away exceeded all numbers we did with our previous domain, branding and provider. all in all, Sigil Arts has shown all the growth potential i could ever ask for while i’ve largely been doing developing, finishing a degree in the UK, dealt with my personal life being.. ya know, not ideal, but hey, i’m here still. and i’m exceedingly happy with the position that Sigil Arts finds itself in presently, and the sort of potential and excitement i can just feel is brewing for the brand and the network. Internally to be sure, but the efforts we are putting towards the external excitement, it will be absolutely wonderful! But this is a process of slow and steady as of now. So heres what you can expect in 2022 as of right now.

Podcasts will really hunker down work towards consistency in publishing through core content, all dealing with different topics and fields of interest, a lot of care will be put into making sure that all of what we offer is the best it can be, old and new formats alike.

A lot of effort will go towards establishing a presence on twitch with live content offerings of various sorts. this might include an entire roster of brand new people that focus on just twitch rather than our current batch of talent that primarily focus on podcasting.

The shop will see monthly drops of new items, all unique designs by myself with collaboration and inspiration drawn from the various talents on Sigil Arts, to make this as organic and positive experience as possible at every touchpoint.

There is a thing of advertiser services being implemented presently, which we will shed more light on in due time. Advertiser services might sound sketchy and like a dealbreaker for listening to the shows, as a frequent podcast listener myself, i know garbage content when i hear it, and its usually littered with too many wordy and unnecessary advertisements. At Sigil Arts Media we will really concentrate efforts on making our approach to advertisers a quality over quantity approach, and are excited for this part of our network to be presented.

More things may come up and will be mentioned in due course, but my philosophy is, i’m building this out to be a multimedia corporation geared towards being a positive and fun experience through all mediums and for all consumers. all announcements and statements made in 2022, will be with that ethos in mind.

But before christmas sets in, and i take the rest of the year to just figure out what 2022 will be for me personally, i wanted to say, thank you all so much for your continued support of Sigil Arts Media, and thank you from the bottom of the cockles of my heart, for the passion we have seen grow for Sigil content throughout this year. beyond my own plans and thoughts as a person, i’m hellbent on 2022 being a year where Sigil Arts truly gains notice across various communities, and gains a dedicated audience. I Got Lucky With Kings Eyes returning is no coincidence judging by that bit of contect.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have yourself a wonderful end of the year, no matter what you celebrate or not, where you are from, what you do, i truly wish you all the best!”

Yours Sincerely